The O’Connor research group focuses on archosaur evolution with a specialization on the origin and evolution of flight and birds.

We are an international group and aim to provide training and opportunities to ensure success no matter the background of the individual. Paleontology is for everyone!

Paid internship opportunities for undergraduate students are available through various programs at the Field Museum. For additional opportunities email

Research Group

Dr. Matteo Fabbri, postdoctoral researcher (FMNH)

Matteo is an Evolutionary Biologist using an Evo-Devo approach to untangle the evolution of phenotypes among amniotes. While the study of the fossil record is fundamental to track the tempo and mode of morphological divergence in deep time leading to modern diversity, Matteo uses neontological data and developmental biology to infer mechanistic patterns driving phenotypical innovation.

Dr. Matteo Fabbri

Wu Qian, PhD student (IVPP)

Qian is co-advised by Zhou Zhonghe and O’Connor. Her PhD research specializes on the histology of fossil tissues in order to understand the evolution of the scapulocoracoid complex and avian evolution more broadly.

Wu Qian

Liu Shumin, Masters student (IVPP)

Shumin is co-advised by O’Connor and Li Zhiheng (IVPP). Her research uses gizzard stones to look into the diet and digestive system in Mesozoic birds.

Liu Shumin

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