In order to maximize the impact of scientific research and utilize the power of paleontology as a gateway science, I happily engage in outreach as opportunities arise. This includes popular science articles, guest blogs (yes blogs!), responding to emails from students of all ages (go on, write me!), collections tours, and classroom visits. 


Presumpscot Elementary Interview a Scientist
USC Dornsife Earth Sciences Month Q&A


Dino Day with a Paleontologist, Chicago Public Library
Rye Country Day School virtual classroom visit
Junior Achievement of Chicago
John C. Haines Elementary School Career Day
Presumpscot Elementary Interview a Scientist
Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (4 panels)
FMNH Dinofest
Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs – Young Scientist Program
Chicago Council on Science and Technology, “Ask a Scientist!”
FMNH Evolve


Milwaukee Public Museum School Program
FMNH ‘Meet a Scientist’ Grainger Science Hub
National Academy of Sciences LabX Wrong Answers Only
USC Dornslife Dialogues
Chicago Council on Science and Technology panel at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo
Women’s Board Science Salon
Schaumburg Public Library “Office hours”
FMNH Women’s Board Gala
Make a Wish Foundation


SUE Science Saturday
Collection’s Club
Mason Elementary Career Day
FMNH Founder’s Council
Glencoe Public Library
FMNH Dinosaur Day


Collection’s Club
FMNH Member’s Night
Pomona College “Dinosaur History Class”


Canadian International School (Beijing)

2008 – 2009

Local elementary and high schools (Los Angeles)


Science Skills! Paleontology (Science Insider, 2022), Breakthrough: Women in STEM (Science Friday, 2019), SELF scientist profile (CAS, 2018), When Whales Walked (PBS, 2019), Why Dinosaurs (2023), The Bones (2024), End Cretaceous extinction (release and title TBD), Le rêve de Léonard, les secrets du vol dans la nature (2024), IMAX T. rex (release date 2024 expected), Prehistoric Beasts Season 2 (release date 2024 expected)

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